Quit yer cryin’

We’re working on it. We’re dads you know. Been busy with holidays, getting our boys crossed over into Boy Scouts, etc.

The key point came when we figured out the general plot line for our novel that we’re writing together. Yeah, one of us (five time published novelist) is way ahead of the other (completed one screenplay for Project Greenlight’s first competition back in the day), but we’re moving along.

So, we’ve also come up with a general idea of what we’ll be doing for the podcast. A structure if you will. There’ll be some beer drinking (maybe a little moonshine even), some bitching about stuff, some giggling like Japanese school girls, maybe a guest from time to time, and we’ll always try to end with a dramatic reading from a Silver Age (or Bronze Age) comic book.

Another Snarky Dad friend of ours dropped off two boxes of comics from his dad’s estate in hopes that I could determine the value of them in a reasonable time (Sucker!) so we’d might as well put them to some good use. There’s mostly some war comics in there and some Classics Illustrated too. But, I have come across some old Shazams a few classic KaZars and more. We should have some good content.

So, bare with us and we’ll have something interesting really soon.

And, for now, get the hell off my lawn!



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