Episode 002 is live!

Well, things kinda went off the rails a little. Mikey had had a few before I even arrived and then we set straight to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by consuming mass amounts of Mexican beer and Hussong’s tequila. Oh boy!
Regardless, we were able to squeak out a full (or should I say fool) episode for you all. You’ll have to let us know what you think and please go review us on iTunes when you get a chance. It really does help my argument to Mikey as far as why we should continue this endeavor.

iTunes Link

Here’s the notes: (Coming Soon)


Episode 007 – We Tasted Tequilas!

Not too awful much happening here. Pretty short episode.

Get it here!

So, it starts out with another intro from me while commuting the day after Valentine’s 2018. Soon, we’re into this taste test Mikey and I did of 4 tequilas we have including a very special one he received for Christmas.

We’ll get a structured one again soon. I promise!

Changeover to SoundCloud for Hosting


If everything goes as planned, you shouldn’t notice much. I did go ahead and convert the 2 video episodes to audio only.

Other than that, we’ll be hosting at Soundcloud from now on. I know they can keep up to 6 hours in the queue and then the older episodes are hidden. So, listen up suckers and we’ll figure out a different way to host those archived ones down the road.

One more thing…

We have an email addy now. So feel free to contact us at

Looking into the future, I could imagine us sharing a “funny shit” story or something of the like if you have one.

I’m seeing Facebook in the future as well.

Episode 006 – At Da Ranch

So, we did it and you’re welcome. We recorded some stuff at our fave Snarky Dad hangout… El Ranchero in Lee’s Summit.

Episode 006 on iTunes

This episode starts out with me introducing a piece of audio recorded on location there. First off, though, I cover the basics of things bothering me and things I’m into. I’ve got some links below for you as well.

So, sit back and enjoy the musings of myself, Mikey, Farmy, and Salvy (sorry, no DPP). It’s rude, crude, and fun. I swear!


El Ranchero in Lee’s Summit

MLB Trade News

Tesla Model 3

MKBHD’s Drive Along/Review of the Tesla Model 3

Black Lightning on the CW

My Black Lightning Google Play Music Playlist

Episode 005 – a 2nd shorty

So, here I am with another episode captured during my commute to work.

We’re working on getting together to create another full episode really soon. I promise.

In the meantime, listen to me cover a little of everything from political crap to The Last Jedi. In addition, I bring up the fantastic Toast of London and Lady Dynamite (both now available on Netflix) and give a shout out to the ever talented nerdcore rap of DualCore.

If you’re an iTunes kinda person or have another app you use (I love PocketCasts myself), then it should be available later today.

Peace out!


I swear, I really am gonna…

I mean it people. I’m gonna do some short form solo episodes. We’ve gone far far too long for this thing to keep a rolling. Since the last episode so much has happened.

Anyway, I’m working on a good 15-20 minute piece that I can put up here soon and I’ll be flying solo on this one just to update you all on what is what. It’ll be worth it and you’ll have a good time…probably…maybe.


Pics and Comic from Episode 003

Okay, so WordPress is on a kick where they charge you for extensions and add ons now. Shame shame WordPress! You’ve gone the way of the American Corporate Butthole. Granted, you have plenty of friends in this grouping, but still.

So, I got together a few pics behind the scenes of Episode 003 as well as all of the pages of the Thongorr comic we read.

It’s all here…

Episode 003 Photo Album

A Couple of Things

So, I was listening to one of my fave podcasts this morning on the way into work (How Did This Get Made?) and it hit me…

I’m going to do some solo shots here and there just to fill in some gaps between longform shows. They’ll be like little mini episodes that cover a few things, but keep things moving along with the very latest in whatever is going on (Music, Movies, Beers, etc.) for our regular listeners (Yeah, I know there’s not any, but humor me assholes!).

So, look forward to that coming down the pipe here soon. I’m also editing the long episode with PP co-hosting. It’s a goody, so it’ll be worth the wait.